Car Detailing in Charleston

Auto Detailing CharlestonWelcome to Charleston Auto Detailing.  We provide detailing services to Charleston and surrounding areas.  Our services are mobile, so we come to you and detailing your vehicle anywhere you want!  Our team is professional, fully insured and a respected mobile detailing company.  We promise guaranteed satisfaction.

We offer a plethora of services designed to restore, preserve and enhance the condition of a car.  Our interior detailing packages remove dirt, stains and smells out of carpet and seats.  Our exterior detailing service protects a car from harmful UV rays, acid rain, salt, road grime, bugs and tar.  In fact, regular maintenance of the aesthetics of a car can boost the resale value of your vehicle by 10%-15%.

We realize that a big problem with detailing is making the time to take your car somewhere for several hours to get detailed.  This is why we offer mobile detailing.  By going to your car, whether it is at work or at home, we are able to provide you with convenient, affordable detailing at the lowest prices.  Save your time and money to do the things that you need to do while knowing that your vehicle is taken care of.  We pride ourselves on being the perfect blend of reliability and affordability for our clients.

To begin finding out what is correct for you, you may browse our services menu.  Or if you prefer, you can contact us to ask questions and set up an appointment:

Charleston Auto Detailing
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